No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

 No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

If you qualify, approval can be done in under 10 Minutes!

By Tom Poblano  – Here are some good reasons to consider No Medical Exam Life Insurance.

1. If you need immediate coverage and you cannot wait the 4-6 Weeks needed for a fully underwritten policy.
2. Need only up to $350K of Term Life Insurance
3. Here is the most popular reason: You hate medical exams !

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More Information about No Medical Exam Quotes:

Immediate Coverage:

Some people need to have a life insurance policy immediately in place. I find this to be the case for those that are applying for loans. Loans may be a Mortgage , Structured Settlement  or  SBA Loans, etc.

Other reasons would be if someone has a Co Signed – Student Loans.


Rates for young people can be very affordable. Immediate coverage and no medical exams are some of the reasons that young people may want to consider a No Medical Exam Life Insurance. If you have any health issues, other than controlled Type 2 Diabetes , there are other no medical exam options. Please contact us and we will let you know which option would be best.

I use Tobacco , can I still get a No Medical Exam Policy:

Yes you can. Although, as you will probably conclude, the rates will be higher.

I occasionally smoke Marijuana , can I get a No Medical Exam Policy:

No, if you smoke Marijuana  , No Medical Exam carriers will classify this as illegal drug use. This does not mean you cannot qualify for a policy, you can , but it would have to be a full medically underwritten plan. Click HERE for more information.

Hate Medical Exams:

If you know you are healthy and simply don’t want to take an exam, the No Medical exam is a product that is perfect for you. The insurance companies will ask you questions on the application. You should be able to answer No to the various questions. ( I review all questions prior to applying). The carrier will check the MIB ( Medical Information Base), Pharmacy Check along with a Driver history check. Fidelity Life is one of my key carriers.

You may or may not have heard about a new product that Fidelity Life is offering, it is called Hybrid Life . It is a great plan, it can be a full medical plan but you have the choice to do the medical or not. If you want to take the exam you will have to 6 months to so!.:Fidelity Hybrid Life Insurance Review .

Run your own No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes by following this link > Fidelity Life Insurance Quote . NOTE: If you would like to apply , we can do the entire process over the phone. I must do the application.

Here is a typical list of questions:

Customer must answer “NO” to these questions. ( You must be a legal US Resident and have resided in the US for more than 2 years and you must have a valid US issued Drivers License)

❍ Have you been diagnosed as having AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) or
ARC (AIDS Related Complex) or tested positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency

❍ Are you waiting for a diagnosis or have you been advised to have a surgical operation,
diagnostic test or medical or mental evaluation that has not yet been completed?
❍ Have you requested or received any Worker’s Compensation or Social Security disability

❍ Do you currently take more than 2 prescription medications for pain; or do you
consume, on average, more than 3 alcoholic beverages per day?

❍ In the past 10 years, have you received any treatment, medical advice or consultation
for; been diagnosed with or required follow-up for: diabetes or elevated blood sugar;
cancer (excluding basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma of the skin); stroke, transient
ischemic attack (TIA or mini-stroke); emphysema; chronic bronchitis or chronic lung
disease; major depression or anxiety that required psychiatric treatment; bipolar
disease or mood disorder; schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, rheumatoid
arthritis, paralysis; any degenerative muscle or nerve disease or disorder; alcohol or
drug abuse; OR any disease or disorder of the following:  heart, aorta, coronary
arteries, peripheral vascular system, blood, liver pancreas, kidney (other than kidney
stones), brain or connective tissue?

❍ In the past 2 years, have you been hospitalized or evaluated in an emergency room or
immediate care center for a chronic illness requiring ongoing treatment or care by a
physician; OR have you participated in any hazardous activities or extreme sports?

❍ Have you, within the past 5 years, been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a
felony, misdemeanor, reckless driving, DUI or DWI; or been incarcerated or served in a
probation or parole program or do you have criminal charges pending

Give me a call today , we work with several carriers that offer No Medical Life Insurance. As a broker I remain independent , not married to a particular carrier and can offer you personalized life insurance information.

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