High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

 If you have a High Risk Health or participate in a High Risk Activity  , give me a call

By Tom Poblano – High risk life insurance quotes, I can assist you in obtaining a quote. These policies offer coverage for  those who either have High Risk lifestyles or suffer from moderate to serious  health conditions. High Risk Life Insurance Policy rates  are frequently higher, plus the terms and conditions of the policies could be different and have exclusions.

All insurance companies have markets they like to write business in. What this means to you is that  some companies wish to only write standard ( Healthy)  insurance policies and there are a handful of other companies that  want to write  high risk life insurance policies .

High Risk – Activities:

In the event that you engage in high risk activities like Scuba Diving, Piloting a personal plane,  Skydiving, Mountain Climbing , Auto/ Motorcycle  racing or any other activity which places you at risk of suddenly dying, you may want to consider acquiring further Life Insurance coverage. We have carriers that work specifically with these types of High Risk activities.

HIGH RISK – Health Conditions:

Your individual health history and family health history are also factors that life insurance companies use to evaluate risk. Some of the  following conditions may affect life insurance coverage costs: High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure, Height to Weight ratio, or previous or current use of Nicotine, Drugs (Marijuana) or Alcohol. Your driving record (DUI’s) can also affect your costs , Other health conditions that may make a policy more expensive and difficult to obtain are: Diabetes , Cancer, Heart Attacks, PTSD and any other major health conditions.

Family health history is also a another factor. If your mom, dad or sibling  has/had a history of cancer or other types of diseases, life insurance companies expect that you’ll experience the same thing.  However a clean bill of health from your doctor and evidence of a healthy lifestyle could help keep your premium lower.

Using me as your Independent Broker:

Using me,  an Independent Insurance Broker , who works with many carriers, allows me to search the marketplace and make a price comparison with all the major insurance carriers available on the market. This  provides you with the peace of mind to know that all available rates are compared to give you the best possible available plans.

If you would like a quote and not a “Ballpark” type number and you have some High Risk activity or Health issue, contact me today. We will go over our various questionnaires and I will speak with the carriers that I feel give us the best possible chance to qualify and the best possible rates.

Fill out the contact request form or give me a call. My number is 512-963-5000.