Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

Several of my carries will insure scuba divers at Preferred rates!








BI can assist you in locating Life Insurance for Scuba Divers. I have put together a comprehensive questionnaire so that I will have the necessary information , on hand, when I  contact carriers and find the best fit for your situation. I have access to multiple carries and I am one of the few  independent agents that actually has in house underwriter . This assures you of an accurate and comprehensive quote.

For recreational divers ( which are most of you) we may be able to get Preferred Rates. I find that most  scuba divers are in pretty good overall health and that is always helpful.

A common question: “I took up Scuba Diving AFTER I had my current Life Insurance Plan in place, am I still covered?” The only answer I can give you is : Call your current insurance carrier right away and ask them.

In additions to our general health questionnaire, here is a list of questions that we will need to cover:

Diving History – Depth of Dives / How many dives in the last 12 months/Anticipated dives in the next 12 months
Date you learned to dive
Are you in a Diving club?
Are you a certified diver?
Any injury or illness due to diving?
Do you use Mixed Gas equipment?
Maximum Death you have dived?
Where you dive – Ocean, Depp Sea, Coastal Waters, Lakes, Rivers etc.

Call me today or fill out my contact request from. My number is 512-963-5000.