About Us

First and foremost thank you for choosing my website to research your life insurance needs. My name is Scott Thiltgen and I have been an independent life insurance broker for 23 years and I work for my clients and not any one life insurance company. So with that being said do not put your information in any more sites. This is my site and I do not sell your information to 20 or more agents that will call you day and night. I work one on one with my clients to determine the best plan of action to matching your needs with the best products on the market.

No Exam Life insurance is just one of the many options available to you to satisfy you life insurance needs. Here are some of the plans you can get Instant rates on just by putting in your information and you and I have a platform of rates to start with.

Term Life

Term insurance, which offers a death benefit but no cash value.

Whole Life.

Whole life offers both a death benefit and cash value, but is much more expensive

Variable Life

Variable life insurance policies have cash reserve and depends on how well those investments are doing. In a period of economic growth.

Universal Life

This is a flexible policy which features both term and whole life. The premium is usually inexpensive compared to whole life, but higher than term life insurance.

How Much Will It Cost?

Whether you’re new to life insurance or are reevaluating your current life insurance policy, it’s smart to stay informed. This empowers you with confidence that you have the right life insurance policy to protect your family, one that fits your needs and budget. See how easy it is to shop online for life insurance. Get your free life insurance quotes today!

So why do I need Life Insurance.

Ask yourself these questions.

How many people depend on your earning capacity?

How much money would your dependents need for living expenses?

How long would it take for your dependents to be come self-sufficient?

What assets will be available to take care of your dependents’ immediate financial needs?

After you die, how long will it be before your property is turned over to your inheritors?

Will your estate owe substantial debts and taxes after your death?



These are just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself to determine how much life insurance you should have and what kind. So why do business with me. Here is my background.


It all started feeding the family horse’s ..watering….burning trash.for a $3.00 a week…I had to dig post holes and fence work for free as well helping run the family owned feed and tack store ….but built skateboard ramps in the warehouse and had my own private skatepark ….and on occasion picking and selling watermelon’s and dewberry’s in El Campo as a kid……..also had a line on someone that had a boa constrictor and would pay me .50 for water snakes as dinner for the Boa..I was a snake catching fool….my biggest money making gig as a kid was at the Quarter Horse Races in Texas every weekend ….I was about 15 and my parents raced horses so on Sat and Sunday was always at the track…so….I went into the aluminum can business..man I was clearing $50 to $100 dollars a week end being some place I had to be anyway..and made a few stand bets..that was when horse racing betting was against the law and people would come each week in and betting cash in the stands…it was a very interesting work place….hahahaha ..so thats what I had to do to make a buck before I was at age to get hired….so then we go into the numerous Job over the years…from a welder at Coastal Convener in East Bernard..waiter at pier 59 in Wharton…waiter at the Duck Blind ..building metal buildings for John Schmermund Construction ..Waiter at the Pizza Hut in El Campo…..Bartender at El Campo Country Club ….. Waiter at Hard Times El Campo…….to dressing up like Spiderman waiting tables at the Magic Time Machine to an Electrician wiring Residential and Commercial projects around Austin including pulling the fire alarm at the Four Seasons Hotel to French Table Side Captain at Barton Creek Country Club ….Cafe Manager at The Stouffer Hotel…now the Renaissance…and Beverage Director at the River Place Country Club…Lunch Waiter at Tres Amigos….Willie Nelsons second fav mex place ..Breakfast and Lunch Waiter at the Metropolitan Club…and Lunch Waiter at the Austin Club 2 blocks from the capital…was one of the few white waiters on the staff…just saying…was a really cool gig and the place is haunted….then after all this madness got into insurance in 1995…..started at Met….year later moved to Jefferson Pilot and stuck their group plan for a $250,000 twins bill….then convinced no one wanted to buy life insurance then went into the health insurance market….top sales producer for unicare 2 years in a row and top producer for American heal underwriters… and after 23 years in the health market the govt jumps in and yanks the rug out…but Obamacare is a whole other story.


So give me a chance to work with you on you life insurance needs. I have been doing this for 23 years and have helped many people take care of their life insurance need and have been doing it with cutting age technology. Back in the day when I started selling life insurance we had to come to your house and take up to two to three hours of your time and pressure you into filling out an application. In today’s world it can now be done without even meeting an agent. It can all be done by phone and email. Out of all the insurance that you need life insurance is the last to get on the internet band wagon. Health, P and C etc…..all have been available online for years. So I have been working for years to come up with a easy way to get my clients into a life insurance plan in under ten minutes and online to make it as easy as possible for the client. So give me a try and you will not regent it.