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How do I apply? Simply click the image link below and  input your Date of Birth to begin  the process. I highly recommend reading about the plan to insure that you can qualify. Not everyone who applies is accepted. Scroll down , past  the quote module,  to get an overview of the plan. If there is a decline , I will find out the reason and then I will contact you to discuss other options. Note: Not available in New York State, see below. If the State you reside in does not appear when you choose your State, this means you must call me and I will run the quote for you! My number is 512-963-5000.


As a Note: They will generally accept Type 2 Diabetics as long as there is no Insulin used.

Plan Overview ( National Life Group Insurance)

  • Available for ages 18 through 60
  • Term lengths: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Coverage Amounts: $25,000 up to $350,000
  • Tobacco users can qualify
  • Available in all states except New York – If you are in NY contact me. I have a carrier that offers No Medical Exam Life Insurance Plans.
  • Completely online application process
  • Average approval times of 3 minutes
  • Policy delivered electronically via email (all States except CA)
  • The product is renewable at the end of the term period
  • Make sure to have your credit / debit card or EFT information. These will be necessary to complete the application process.

Automatic Declines –  If you’re receiving Social Security Disability (VA disability is ok), or if you  have any moderate-major health issues or if you have /had any legal trouble.   If you’re not sure, call us at 512-963-5000  and we’ll let you know. I specialize in High Risk Life Insurance plans.

About my carrier:

National Life Group, a Fortune 1000 company, serves 840,000 customers. With 2011 revenue of $1.5 billion and net income of $124 million, members of National Life Group employ roughly 900 employees, with most located at its home office in Montpelier, Vermont. Group companies also maintain offices in Addison, New York, and San Francisco. . Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW) is a member of the National Life Group. Life of the Southwest has an AM Best rating of A, which means Excellent.