Can a Diabetic Get Life Insurance with No Medical Exam?

Can a Diabetic get Life Insurance with No Medical Exam?

Term Life Insurance coverageLife Insurance for Diabetics without a medical exam

Term Life Insurance for Type 2 diabetics, without a medical exam is possible! I work with a few key carriers that offer Term Life Insurance policies. If you have Type 1 diabetes there are other programs available. Please click HERE.

I thought I had to take a full medical exam?

There are some carriers that offer no medical exam life insurance policies for Type 2 diabetics. The one drawback for a No Medical Exam life insurance policy could be the cost. If you do not want to take an exam then the trade off will be higher rates.  I work with several carriers that will offer Life Insurance to  Type 2 diabetics with or without taking a medical exam.

Can I have a Term Life Insurance Policy in place in under 10 Minutes?

If you are are a Type 2 Diabetic, controlled with 2 medications or less ( Diet and Exercise) you may qualify for our instant Term Life Insurance Plan! You should have no other health or Height / Weight issues. If you feel you can qualify then you can have a Term Life Insurance Policy IN PLACE in less than 10 minutes! Click on the Image to run a quote and apply.

What is the process if I do not qualify for the Instant Term Life Insurance Plan?

First we will thoroughly review your current health. Once we meet my carriers basic health requirements we will run quotes and make sure that the premiums fit within your budget.

After you agree to the premium amounts we will then fill out the application. The carriers that offer No Medical Exam life insurance for type 2 diabetics, only , as of this article date, offer paper applications. I know its a bit “Old School” for this day and age but we have no other real option. I will Fax or Email the app. You print it out , answer the questions, fill out the Diabetic questionnaire and return them to me.

Lastly will be the approval process. Beyond reviewing your application, the carriers will also review a Medical Information Base (This Base contains your medical records and is only viewable between Doctors and Insurance carriers), Pharmacy Check and DMV report. They may , depending on what they see in the Medical Information base , ask for a report from your Doctor. This is known as an APS ( Attending Physician Statement.).

NOTE: If the carriers see something  in the Medical Information Base report  they may require a Blood and Urine profile. This is why we must thoroughly review your past and current health. Obviously , of the carriers does require a full medical exam, we are now looking at a medically underwriting policy.  If that is the case , and you want to move forward, we may want to consider going with another carrier that will offer better rates since you will have to take a medical exam.

Without the need of a medical exam , will be looking at about 3-4 weeks for approval. If they do order an APS this could add another week or two to the process.

What questions will they ask about my Type 2 Diabetes?

Here is an overview of the questions:

Date of Diagnosis
Height / Weight
Weight one year ago
Dr’s name who supervises your Diabetes
How often do you visit the Dr
Date of last visit
Do you follow a strict diet
Insulin use ( They may be able to work with Type 1 Diabetics)
Do you take oral tablets – will need names and dosage amounts
Any treatment change in the past 2 years
How often do you check you blood sugar level
Last Blood Sugar Reading and the Date the reading was taken
Usual Blood Sugar reading and the date of this reading
Last A1C reading and the date it was taken
Have you experienced a Diabetic Coma , acidosis so severe that it required hospitalization
Ever had insulin shock
Missed any work do to diabetes or associated conditions
They will ask if you have any other problems: Elevated Blood pressure, Heart Trouble etc.

Can I apply for a Whole Life Policy?

Beyond Term Life Insurance we can also offer No Medical Exam Whole Life Policies. Whole life policies, by their very nature, will be more expensive. Whole life No Medical Exam questions can be more restrictive. If you answer Yes to a particular question(s) sometimes these will automatically make you ineligible for the plan. On Term Life applications, if you answer Yes to some particular health question, you can generally offer an explanation and the explanation will be considered within their underwriting process.

How can I get started?

That’s easy , call me or fill out my Contact form below. Please be aware that we must speak and I cannot complete this process via emails. I will not provide Ballpark quotes as they do you no good. What separates me from other brokers is my access to an in house underwriter and direct communication with our Diabetic carriers. Each case is different and each case needs to be treated as such.

My number is 512-963-5000.

About M2 Insurance
About M2 Insurance

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