Term Life Insurance Rates

Term Life Insurance Rates

How to find the best Life Insurance Rates Best Life Insurance Rates

By Tom Poblano – Finding the best Term Life Insurance rates can be a challenge. Take 5 minutes and review my article and then contact me for a term life or whole life insurance quote.

Here are some simple tips to help the process:

Current health – How is your health? Do you have a health impairment? Do you have an immediate family member who may have contracted a major illness or passed away from a major disease? Health problems can be addressed and you need to speak to an experienced Life Insurance agent , such as myself.

Life Insurance and best rates Medications – Make sure to have a complete list of your medications including dosage amounts and usage amounts. If you any active prescriptions that you may no longer use, it is best to disclose this with the carrier.

Disclose any and all health or personal issues that may show up on your Medical Information Base, DMV or Pharmacy report. If there are major discrepancies this will hold up the process or it could result in an outright decline

Do you use any tobacco products? Tobacco users will pay more for a term life insurance plan. If you have had no tobacco use , for at least 12 months, some carriers  will rate you as a non tobacco user. Tobacco products also include – Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, e-cigarettes with Nicotine, Nicotine patches and gum etc.

Height and Weight – Each carrier has its own criteria. Some are more liberal than others. I find most people have a general idea if their weight is proportionate to their height. If you are overweight then losing some weight will certainly not hurt your cause! Call me and we can discuss the various carrier’s criteria.512-963-5000

Driving record – Most carriers will check your DMV record. In some cases , so long as your drivers license has not been suspended or revoked, they will consider you even if you do not have a license. Conversely , some of the no medical exam carriers will insist that you have a valid Driver License and that license MUST be in the State you are residing.

Medical Exam– If you choose to do a full , medically underwritten plan , make sure to schedule your exam when you will be the most rested and relaxed. If you hate exams then you can certainly consider a No Medical Exam plan. M2 Insurance specializes in these type of plans. Click HERE for more information.

Drugs – Carriers will decline any drug use except for very light use of Marijuana. In regards to Marijuana use, most carriers will classify you as a Smoker. However I do have one carrier that will classify as a non smoker depending on usage. Here is an article you may want to review, click HERE

Here is a Top 3 list of some of the Best Life Insurance Carriers for both Medical and No Medical Exam Life Insurance plans.

Banner Life –  Very good rates and excellent customer service

Prudential Life- Great for health impairments – One of my Key carriers

SBLI – Routinely have the best rates for all health classes.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

1 Click Coverage Life Insurance – 100% online. Great rated decision in 10 minutes!

Americo – Excellent for Diabetics and those with minor health conditions.

American National Life Company – Hands down the lowest no medical exam rates anywhere, BUT , you need to be in good general health.

Contact me today for a no hassle quote. My number is 512-963-5000 or you can use my contact form , on the left , and I will give you a call.