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Their Toll-Free number is 1- 800-231-0801

Americo Life Insurance is one of my key carriers. If you are interested in more information about Americo, need a quote or would like a policy review, contact me today.

When to consider using Americo Life

I use Americo for Final Expense, No Medical Term and Whole Life (Permanent) . If you have Diabetes, this is one of my key carriers who provides coverage.

Use my contact form or give me a call today. My Toll-Free number is 1-800-530-9134

Here is a brief history and overview of the Americo Life Insurance Company

Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company has been doing business for over 100 years. Americo Life, Inc., our holding company, is currently one of the largest, independent, privately held insurance companies in the United States1, 2. Today, all sales and marketing activities are facilitated through Americo with operations in Kansas City, Missouri.

The roots of the Americo family of companies date back more than 100 years. Our growth has been built on the successful acquisition of over 15 insurance entities, each with its own distinctive advantages.

Each of these companies has a long, successful history on which Americo is building its future.

  • 1922, Great Southern Life was the very first company in America to insure the lives of children.
  • 1971, Ohio State Life was the first to advance death benefit monies to sustain the life of a policyholder.
  • 1981, Great Southern Life was one of the first American companies to offer universal life insurance.
  • More recently, one of the first companies to introduce indexed universal life and annuity products.

Our strength and stability make the difference. Everything we do is focused on being here for the long term. Our products are priced with integrity, our credit ratings supported by sound investment management, and our level of service continues to exceed expectations.

We are committed to helping our agents build their business and grow with us for the long term. Your success and ours depends on the teamwork and relationships that are built between our Independent Marketing Organizations, agents, associates, and customers.
Americo distributes insurance products through nearly 13,000 independent agents throughout the country. Our primary focus is on building relationships with these producers and providing them with quality products and tools to help them build their businesses. We offer life insurance and annuity products specifically geared toward the mortgage, senior, general life, and final expense markets.

Since 1906, Americo Financial Life and Annuity insurance provider happens to be providing insurance products and financial services to customers throughout the united states of america. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company offers many different life insurance coverage types such as for instance term, permanent, universal and whole. Its term insurance is coverage for a specific amount of time while its permanent insurance offers protection for life together with the power to build cash value. One other two insurance products vary a bit. The company’s universal life policies are flexible-premium and adjustable-benefit contracts which accumulate cash value, while a whole life policy from Americo is typical life coverage.

Term life insurance is intended for people who have a need for insurance for specific time frame, such as for instance working years. Other products, such as universal or life time, are aimed at those individuals who want lifelong protection and possible cash value accumulation. This way, these policies may also function as a vehicle for savings. Americo now offers mortgage life insurance policies, that will be like traditional insurance with riders made to protect the home and pay for the mortgage in the case of death.

For anyone seeking to accumulate wealth or pass cash on into the next generation, Americo’s annuity offerings could be built to meet up with the unique needs of all of the clients. Annuities typically earn more in interest than CDs and allow owners to defer taxes as well. Finally, Americo’s final expense products help to cover the unexpected costs of such things as burial and funeral costs.

Currently, the company conducts business through the U.S. therefore the District of Columbia with the exception of Alaska, New York, Vermont, Alabama, and Mississippi. Agents are able to find out about products and receive support through Americo’s site, Agent Cafe. The company’s history stretches back over 100 years, and the ability to innovate and develop products which meet with the needs of today’s consumers ‘s the reason for his or her continued success in the marketplace. The company currently works closely with over 13,000 agents for the country.

Unlike other companies like Primerica, Americo is really a holding company. This implies that it is a company that owns other companies as subsidiaries. This means that counting most of the companies that have been acquired under the Americo banner they usually have significantly more than 100 years of experience in the life insurance coverage industry.

Through the histories of these various subsidiaries, Americo continues to be able to do some truly innovative benefits for the customers. In 1922 Great Southern became the initial company to provide life insurance coverage for kids. In 1971 Ohio State Life was the initial company to supply an advance on death benefit payments so your policyholder could sustain their life. Great Southern has also been one of the first companies in the usa to supply their clients a choice of a universal life insurance policy.

Today Americo Life is on regarding the largest US based, privately held and independent insurance groups. The company currently has a lot more than 640,000 policies in place and $31.6 billion of life insurance policies in position.

With regard to financial strength, the organization was built on the concept of continued growth and has now purchased several other carriers over time to diversity the general portfolio and take advantage of the effectiveness of each company. With over 750,000 policies and over $38 billion of active coverage in force, the carrier is committed to providing protection and peace of mind for families all over the country. Americo has been rated as an A- company by A.M. Best and an A- company by Standard & Poor’s. With several choices for contemporary insurance needs, Americo is well positioned to supply a solution towards family protection.

Because of its smaller size it doesn’t make our listing of top life insurance policies companies, however, if it did show up as the most affordable carrier for just one of your clients then we would have no problem recommending them.

Americo Financial Life and Annuity insurance carrier has a target of meeting or exceeding the expectations of their customers. These are typically centered on the future, using sound investment practices that back up a higher level of customer service through a network of independent agents, described as Independent Marketing Organizations.

Americo Financial Life and Annuity insurance carrier is present throughout most of the united states of america. The business is represented in Washington. D.C., in addition to all states except Arkansas, New York, and Vermont. Customers will be able to use the company’s website, giving each customer more access to company news in addition to making it very easy to add or change policies online, make payments or else manage accounts.

Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company sells primarily life insurance products, but don’t limit those products to virtually any specific form of policy. Instead the business offers an array of life insurance and annuity products, including whole and term life insurance, final expense coverage, and mortgage insurance.

Americo offers many Life Insurance Options without a health check as much as $250,000. from term Life to Universal Life Insurance and Final Expense Insurance, Americo life insurance coverage Company can offer the proper Life Insurance Strategy for you. Americo Financial Life and Annuity insurance provider has been doing business for over 100 years. Americo Life, Inc., our holding company, happens to be one of the largest, independent, privately held insurance companies within the United States Today, all sales and marketing activities are facilitated through Americo with operations in Kansas City, Missouri. The roots for the Americo group of companies date back a lot more than a century. Our growth has been built on the successful acquisition of over 15 insurance entities, each having its own distinctive advantages. Our strength and stability make the difference. Everything we do is concentrated on being here for any long term. Our items are priced with integrity, our credit ratings sustained by sound investment management, and our degree of service continues to exceed expectations.

A number of the products Our agency offers through Americo:

Ultra Protector Series ( Final Expense)

Life Crest (Universal Life Insurance)

HMS Series (Mortgage protection life insurance coverage)

Each and every day , families are faced with the difficult task of saying good bye to family members. Funerals are one the most expensive purchases many people is ever going to make. A traditional Funeral, including casket and vault, can cost about $6,000,and the extra expense of flowers,limousines, and obituary notices can add thousands of dollars to your total cost, pushing the total funeral cost to over $10,000!

Who should think about Ultra Protector Final Expense Series?

Clients trying to provide peace of mind to family members through a life insurance policy that can cover final expenses.

Clients who are pipe or cigar smokers, looking to qualify for non-smoker rates.

Clients trying to find a simple and quick application/approval process.

When it comes to life insurance products, Americo term life insurance offers a myriad of coverage options. These options include standard term life insurance, expereince of living insurance, and traditional/indexed universal life insurance coverage. As with any top insurance firms, Americo life insurance coverage agents take time to assess the needs of each and every client, suggesting coverage options that best meet the desired goals of the insured.

The primary aim of Americo Life Insurance is always to make choosing a life insurance policies product as simple, straight forward process.

What exactly are the benefits of Ultra Protector Final Expense Insurance Series?

Three products for different situations

Rates never increase

Available from 50-85 years of age

No medical exam-just a few questions to resolve *1

Every client can be eligible for coverage *2

Coverage may not be canceled as a result of age or health

Guaranteed level premiums

Terminal Illness Benefit *3

Face amount from $2,000 to $30,000

Additional benefits for the kids and grandchildren

Perhaps one of several key indicators for the innovation standards of Americo is its manufacturer product line of simplified issue term life insurance. Americo offers as much as one fourth million dollars in death benefit without even going through an exam, along with other term policies with as high as $400,000 in coverage. In addition they offer final expense products.

There are additionally options available for universal, indexed universal and life time insurance. This wide selection allows any consumer to satisfy virtually any need under $500,000. All policies are established with a guarantee period, meaning if you pay your premiums, Americo will honor the promise set forth in the policy agreement.

They even boast a wide range of riders not typically available with other term life insurance companies. For example, a refund of premium (money back option) in the event that you outlive your term policy, and additional death benefit payouts for death due to certain kinds of accidents.

Last, Americo has a suite of annuities and financial planning tools for retirement, wealth transfer and estate planning, and more.

Americo The Bottom Line Is

Americo Financial Life (and their acquisitions) may not have a huge brand such as for instance MetLife, New York City Life, or Prudential, but they’ve staked their claim to sectors associated with the market and established themselves as a very respected company here to keep.

As noted, you’ll need certainly to work with an independent life insurance coverage agent to own use of Americo.