Life Insurance for Seniors over 80

Life Insurance for Seniors over 80

Not everyone likes to think about their death and planning for final expenses, but it is important that you start to consider how important it will be to begin the process of seeking a life insurance policy sooner rather than later. This article will address Life Insurance for Seniors over 80.

Your life insurance policy will provide the finances necessary to help your family and loved ones pay for your final expenses, funeral, debts, mortgage or other outstanding bills you may be leaving behind.

Although you may not be in the best of health and find yourself inevitably growing older each day, there are policies available that will surely meet your needs without breaking the bank.

What are Whole Life Plans?

Whole life insurance policies are also known as final expense policies or Life Insurance for Seniors . Designed to help cover your burial costs and the fees associated with the funeral, burial or cremation and related merchandise and services, these policies will assist your surviving loved ones with the financial means to cover these costs.

Analyze Your Current Health

Depending on the policy you choose, your current health may have more of an impact than others on certain applications. The important thing to remember is that you should always be honest on an application, regardless of whether you are required to undergo a medical examination or not. A

Admit if you  smoke cigarettes or cigars or if you are obese. The insurance provider may have access to your medical information, so lying about your heart disease and diabetes will potentially hurt you rather than help you should they find out the truth. You may be placed in a higher risk category, but you may still be entitled to obtain an insurance policy.

There are not many carriers that offer Burial Insurance  plans for those over the age of 80. However , I do represent several carriers that will offer plans up to the age of 85.

Here are some sample rates:

81 Years of Age , Non Smoker, Male, $10,000 face amount.

American Memorial                  $124.45 per month
Standard Life and Casualty    $133.86 per month
Mutual of Omaha                       $143 per month.

These policies  come with a higher premium because of the higher risk. Nevertheless, an insurance policy is an insurance policy, and as long as the coverage is optimum, many senior citizens do not mind making a slightly higher payment.

If you are in poor health, carriers will offer a Graded Life Insurance plan. These may not be the best life insurance for seniors over 80, but you can read more about them by clicking HERE


While funerals are a time to grieve, the last thing your dependents and relatives will want to think about is who is going to pay for the expenses and where the money will come from.

By investing in a whole life insurance policy, you are guaranteed coverage for the duration of your life.

When applying for these policies, you are not always required to be seen and evaluated by a medical professional; instead, the application will consist of “yes” or “no” questions that are simple, straightforward and easy to answer. Again, make sure you are completely honest with these answers as an insurance provider may be able to tell if you falsifying information.

Plan Now, Worry Less

By sitting down with your relatives, dependents and loved ones to discuss your final wishes and expectations, you will help to assure them that everything will be taken care of. Let them know that you have purchased a whole life insurance policy or burial plan to help cover the costs in the event of you passing so that the expenses are not a surprise when the time comes.

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About M2 Insurance

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