Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance : A Tool in your Financial Tool Box

This post is in support of the Why Life Insurance Is Important to You movement by Jeff Rose Life Insurance : A Tool in your Financial Tool Box. For several years I was a Reserve Deputy Sherriff in Northern Nevada.  In my training we always referred to the weapons on our duty belts, as Tools… More

Cheap Life Insurance Policies – Really?

Cheap Life Insurance Policies: This statement is all over the web. On a daily basis, I get a call from someone,  ” I want that $14 a month plan”.  Now I know, some of you are thinking “Really, that person believes that?”.  Yes, people do believe it , and yes, these plans can be obtained,.. More

Life Insurance Rates

Life Insurance Rates How are Life Insurance Rates Calculated? A client spoke with me today in regards to how Life Insurance Rates are determined. I wanted to share the information with my readers. Two main factors that influence Life Insurance Rates are a person’s general health or family medical history, and the second is the.. More

Online Life Insurance Quotes

Online Life Insurance Quotes There are essentially two main categories that Life Insurance falls into, Term and Permanent (Whole Life). Term Life Insurance Term Life Insurance or Level Term , as it is sometimes referred to, keeps the same “Level” premium and the same “Level” death benefit  throughout the policy period. Term Life Insurance generally offers.. More

Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of Premium Life Insurance If you have been looking for term life insurance, you may have already noticed that there are several options available. One type of term life insurance is called a Return of Premium Life Insurance or ROP. What is a Return of Premium life insurance Policy Return of premium is a.. More