Disability Insurance Plans

Disability Insurance PlansDisability insurance for high risk occupations

Over the next few weeks I will be adding some updates to M2 Insurance. We are going to be offering Disability insurance plans to our product offering.

These plans are for individuals that fall into the following category:

  • High Income Individuals who are employed
  • Self Employed people with unusual occupations
  • Physicians or Attorneys.
  • Those with High Risk health conditions

These plans are underwritten through Petersen Int with Lloyd’s of London as the writer of the policy.

I am excited to be offering these new plans. Please check back often for updates. If you are in an immediate need situation , please give me a call at 512-963-5000. I have the program in place, but have not yet updated the website.

About M2 Insurance
About M2 Insurance

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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