Life Insurance for New Parents

Life Insurance for New Parents

Are you a new Parent? Just married and ready to start a family? Life Insurance for Parents is an important consideration and an important part of your financial planning.

What would happen to the surviving spouse in the event of an unplanned death? Do they have enough cash to handle the lost income? How will the child’s(s) expenses be handled?

I am not trying to depress anyone , but as a Life Insurance agent, I see the results of under insured or non insured families.

The good news if you are new parents or planning on starting a family, we can conclude that you might be young and in good health. This can translate into very affordable life insurance rates. And even better news, with the lower premiums, this means you can look at higher Policy amounts.

Another consideration would, for young parents, would be No Medical Exam Life Insurance. These types of plans are done with no medical underwriting and can be in place in days!

How many years should you consider? I generally tell people that you need to look at your financial goals. If you are , let’s say 30 , and your goal is to retire at 55 , then a 25 year term would probably work. Life insurance is there to cover your family during your maximum¬†money earning years.

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