Select Quote Life Insurance Review

Select Quote Life Insurance Review

By Tom Poblano – I am often contacted by consumers who have already obtained a quote from one of the nationally advertised life insurance agencies. They are contacting me for a comparison quote. The bulk of these comparisons seem to come from Select Quote life Insurance . However I do get comparison requests from Matrix Direct, Zander Life Insurance etc.

I absolutely encourage everyone to shop around. It is your right and is something you should do when dealing with such an important decision as purchasing a life insurance policy.

Let me share with you some very common conversation topics:

“Tom, your quote is higher than Select quote (or Insert other Nationally Advertised Company here), why”?

“Tom , your quote is lower than Select quote (or Insert other Nationally Advertised Company here) , why”?

Here is my personal favorite:

“Tom, you’re quoting me how much? I want that policy I hear on TV and on the Radio – $250K Term Life Policy for $14 a month. Don’t you sell that?” ( As an FYI – These quotes are generally for Young Females, Excellent Health, No Family Health History, 10 year term.)

I am in no way bashing Select Quotes , Zander Insurance ( Dave Ramsey’s recommendation) , Matrix Direct etc. However the next section will explain while I feel they may come up short.

I am here to tell you why consumers come to me and other Independent Insurance agents:

1. Multiple Carriers – Independent agents, like myself, deal with 60 + Carriers. Most of the call centers deal with just a small handful of carriers. Why don’t they have more carriers, I won’t get into the details, I will simply say “Follow the Money”.

2. Customer Service – Generally speaking,  an  independent insurance agent  or agency , offers the ability to speak with the same agent. Independent agents generally plan to make to make a long term career in the insurance business. They are in the for the long haul and don’t need to bang out application after application in order to make a living. Call Center agents make small commissions and have high sales expectations. They generally don’t have time to start a long term relationship with clients.

3. Detailed Health Analysis – I can’t tell you how many times people call, say they were quoted this Great Rate , Apply  and then not qualify. I really dislike the commercials that I see on TV and  hear on the Radio that has Joe Blow getting a $250K policy for $14 a month. People do not realize this fictitious person is very young and in excellent health with no family history of any health issues. I am not saying people do not get this type of rate, they do, however, more often than not , it may not happen. Agents, like myself, get health details. Believe me , Insurance companies dig and they will get all health information. It is better that you are upfront about everything. This way you get an ACCURATE quote and an excellent chance of obtaining the quoted policy.

4. Health Impairments – If you have anything beyond – Height/ Weight, Elevated Blood Pressure or Elevated Cholesterol you might be better off with an independent agent , like me , who specializes in people with Health impairments. Let’s be real, these Call Centers market to and prefer  healthy individuals who can get approved without too much hassle or time spent directly with the client. They need to submit lots of business to pay for those expensive ads!

I hope this article gives you something to ponder when you consider purchasing a life insurance policy from companies that spend Millions on TV and Radio advertising. They need your money business and they will work hard to get you to apply.

Independent agents , like myself, build up  long term relationships. There is no better feeling than getting a referral from a client that you have helped!

Give me a call at 512-963-5000 or fill out my Contact Request if you would like to discuss Term Life insurance rates. If you would like to run your own Term Life Insurance Quote please follow this link: Term Life Quotes