Life Insurance Quotes for Tobacco Users

 Life Insurance Quotes for Tobacco Users

If you use Tobacco and are looking for life insurance you have come to the right place!

Although most Tobacco users are Cigarette Smokers, if you use other forms of Tobacco: A cigar , chewing tobacco or nicotine based products , be aware that Carriers will handle each situation differently. I research the best carrier based on your usage.

If you use tobacco and you get a Life Insurance quote from a Single Carrier or deal with an agency that only works with a few carriers then you could start over paying on your Life Insurance Premium.

I work with over 60+ carriers and have access to an in-house underwriter. I review your information and research how a carrier will best handle your situation.

In order to find the best carrier and the best rate, I will need to know the following information about your Tobacco use:

Tobacco Product or Nicotine used:
How many times per day and/or last time product was used:
If you have quit using Tobacco products, when did you last use Tobacco:

As you may already know, Tobacco users, will have higher premium rates. If you wish to continue using Tobacco products and want the best possible rates, then please contact me today for a no hassle , free consultation.

My number is 512-963-5000 or fill out my contact form and I can give you a call.