Life Insurance and Asthma

Life insurance and Asthma


If you are interested in purchasing life and insurance and you have Asthma, I can help!

Asthma is defined as periodic attacks of difficulty in breathing.

If your Asthma is mild with infrequent attacks of low intensity with no impact on activity or sleep most carriers may put in in the Standard Health Class, some, depending on circumstances may even offer a Preferred Health Class

If you suffer from Severe, frequent attacks, then you may still qualify although it will be at a much higher rating. All situations are unique and it is best to contact me so we can review your current situation.

Here are some questions that will need to be answered:

  • Frequency of symptoms – e.g., less than once/week; more than once/week but less than daily; daily, etc.?
  • How long do the symptoms last – e.g., days, hours, etc.?
  • Is sleep affected?  How many times/month?
  • Ever been hospitalized overnight?  Dates of all hospitalizations?
  • How many emergency room visits in the last five years?  Date of most recent visit?
  • How much time lost from work or school, or otherwise unable to perform regular activities?
  • Name of medications taken? How often?
  • How many times have you taken oral steroids (prednisone, Medrol, Solu, etc.) during a year?
  • Name and address of physician or health facility that will have the most complete records?

Here are some situations that I commonly see:

  • Two or three attacks every fall; symptoms last one day; no hospitalization, no emergency room visits, no doctor visit for attacks in last five years.  Takes Proventil only when needed.  No steroids.
  • Two or three attacks a year, lasting one hour; no sleep disturbance.  Hospitalized overnight at age 5.  No other hospitalizations or ER visits.  Uses Flonase, Flovent daily.  Used prednisone once, two years ago, when had bronchitis.
  • Infrequent attacks sometimes brought on during exercise.  Uses Proventil as needed, not more than three times a year.

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