Life Insurance after a DUI

Life insurance after a DUILife Insurance after a DUI

If you have had a DUI Conviction , most insurance companies will turn you down if it has been under 5 years. Some carriers may allow coverage if the conviction has been over 3 years.  Below I will discuss a carrier who will accept DUI’s at almost any time line HOWEVER you MUST have a VALID Driver License in order to qualify for their plan. The carrier may also add Flat Extras ( Extra charge per dollars applied for) depending on your overall Driving History.

I have a carrier that will rate you Standard if your DUI Conviction was over 24 months from the application date.

This same carrier also offers plans for those that have had a DUI Conviction that was under 24 months from the date of the application. You will get a higher Health rating at this level.

As long as you have no other driving or criminal convictions and you are in good general health, you can probably qualify for  Term Life Insurance coverage with my carrier

This particular carrier offers a very unique Life Insurance plan. They offer a percentage of immediate coverage , of the requested amount , then you have up to 6 months to take the full medical exam. The coverage will be a percentage applied to  All Causes life insurance and the balance will be an Accidental Death Benefit (ADB).

An All Cause Death benefit is as it seems, other than suicide (2 years) , you would be covered. ADB covers death as the result of an Accident.

Here are some sample Rates:

30 year old , male, Non Smoker, DUI just over 30 months ago, no outstanding driver problems and in good health

$200K face amount, 20 year Term Life Policy
The monthly premium is $22.18 ( No Flat Extras Applied in this example)
Offer of coverage, until he completes his Exam, is as follows:
$60,000 In Force All Cause Term Life Benefit
$140,000 in Force Accidental Death Benefit

Same sample applicant but for a DUI that happened less than 24 months from the application date:

The monthly premium is $38.71 ( No Flat Extras Applied in this example)

Acceptance of the initial plan can be completed and in force within 48-72 hours!

Once the exam is completed and if the results come back as required for the  applied health status, the entire face amount of $200K , would turn into All Cause Term Life Insurance. If there is a problem and the medical exam comes back with a higher health class, then the applicant can keep what they have in place or go with the adjusted plan.

My carriers’ rates are very competitive with standard Life Insurance companies. My carrier is nationally recognized and is A rated.

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