International Life Insurance

International Life Insurance International Term Life Insurance

International Life Insurance for US Citizens living abroad or planning to spend time abroad.

As an Independent Life Insurance Broker, I have access to many different Life Insurance companies and various Life Insurance Products.

One product line is International Term Life Insurance. This type of plan is ideal for:

US Citizens Living Abroad – My carrier can generally offer coverage ( To countries that are approved) even if you already live overseas. If you are planning on going overseas for an extended period of time, they can also offer coverage.

Special Assignment – Going overseas for a short period of time and want some additional coverage? They can also help.

General Policy Information:

Policies are available from 1 month to 10 years. Polices are  paid on an Annual Basis ( No monthly or Quarterly Payments)

Rates are based on: Geographical area, Financial Justification, Occupation, Avocation (hazardous sports or activities) and Purpose of Coverage.

Like all Medically underwritten plans ,  there will be health questions , here are some of the basic questions that will be asked:

1. Asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, tuberculosis or any disease of the lungs?
2. Rheumatic Fever, chest pain, blood pressure or any heart trouble or abnormality? .
3. Indigestion, ulcer, colitis, bladder, kidney, prostate or digestive trouble?
4. Diabetes, thyroid, rheumatism, gout or liver complaint?
5. Depression, anxiety, breakdown, blackout, faints, fits or any mental or nervous disorder?
6. Any other ailment, impairment, injury or need for special attention?
7. Any tests, operations, x-rays or special investigations?
8. Any special diet or treatment, including tablets or drugs?
9. Counseling or medical advice in connection with AIDS or any sexually transmitted disease?
10. An AIDS blood test?
11. Have you consulted any doctor in the last five years? .
12. Have you smoked any form of tobacco in the last twelve months?

You may or may not be subject to a Medical Exam.

Another product that you might be interested in is,  High Limit ( Up to 10X your annual Salary , higher with special circumstances) Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.

High Limit AD&D can provide a benefit in the event of death or dismemberment caused by extreme sports,firearms, fires, plane crashes include Private Pilot , Traffic Accidents and more.

This product is designed for :

Personal or Group Coverage
War/ terrorism Coverage
Hazardous Activities
Medically Substandard

AD&D Policies can be in place in a very short period of time.

Contact me today for more information on any of the above products. You can fill out our request form or call me on my number: 512-963-5000.