Burial Insurance Rates

Burial Insurance Rates

Looking for the best Burial Insurance Rates? You have come to the right place. If you take 5 minutes and review my article you will understand where and how to get the What are the best Burial Insurance Ratesbest insurance rates as they pertain to Burial / Final Expense plans

First things first, a common question: What is Burial Insurance?

These are products that the insurance industry created to address those that are around 50+ who may want to have a life insurance plan that covers one thing, final expense costs. These plans , for the most part, are available with the following conditions imposed by the life insurance carrier:

  • Age of issue is generally 50+ to a maximum of 80 – 85 years of age.
  • Maximum Face amount of these plans, though each carrier may differ, is generally around $30,000
  • They are all Whole Life Insurance plans , which means, as long as the payments are made and the insured is not deceased , they will stay in force
  • Simplified issue with No Medical Exams. Yes and No answers on an application
  • Immediate benefit amount in force when application is approved

I do have a more indepth about Burial Insurance and you can read it HERE

Can I get these plans if I have a serious health impairment?

If you suffer from a major health condition and may not qualify for the standard plans, some carriers may offer you a graded or guaranteed issue life insurance policy. For more information about these plans, click HERE

Here are some of my key final expense life  Insurance carriers:

  • Americo
  • Assurity Life
  • American Memorial
  • Foresters Life
  • Humana – 100% online!
  • Monumental Life
  • Royal Neighbors
  • United Home Life

Each carrier is unique to the market with their own criteria for qualification.

This is where it is imperative that you work with an independent agent who knows this market and who works with several different carriers. If you are working with an agent who only represents one or two companies you are not getting a clear picture of what is available. You could overspend on your policy.

Looking for the best Life Insurance RatesCan I get Burial Insurance quotes online?

Ok the big question – can you get a quote online, the answer is yes, of course.

But the reality is, that unless the quote module is asking good pointed questions about your health , you will probably not get an accurate quote, or worse yet you may qualify for a better rate without even knowing!

You end up with this great price only to be disappointed that you will not qualify for the plan. This can be very frustrating and you may end quitting the entire process.

Ok, I have a rate I like, what is the process for applying?

The best thing about most dedicated burial insurance carriers is that there is a phone interview done at the time of the application and you and I will be able to find out if you are approved within a day or two or , depending on the carrier, we might be able to get an answer on the spot!

Applications are generally Yes and No answers to health questions. And remember , no medical exams!

 I wanted to give you some advice about purchasing from a couple of  carriers that do ALOT of online advertising:

Globe life insurance and the other is Colonial Penn. They do a ton of internet advertising but their policies are graded ( You do not get the full benefit amount until a certain period of time passes) and their rates, for graded plans , are very expensive.

Someone may only qualify for a graded plan, and yes they are generally more expensive, however if you are healthy with no major health impairments ,  you have no business applying for their plans. Go to AARP or Humana Life or  somewhere else if you insist upon buying a plan online.

As a note: I do offer Humana as 1oo% online quote and apply module. Here is the Link: Humana Memorial Fund

To get the best burial insurance rates you need to work with an independent broker who knows the market , works with several carriers and who knows how to place people with the absolute best solution.

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