Burial Insurance for Parents

Burial Insurance for your Parents

It’s time to talk to  Mom and Dad About Burial Insurance

When do you consider bringing up the subject of burial insurance, especially when you have to speak to mom and dad? It is a very uncomfortable moment but is necessary in financial planning.

At the end of this article, I have an online quote module that can help you get an idea of rates. If you have made the decision to purchase a final expense life insurance plan, you can request an application.

What is burial insurance?

Pretty simple: It is a small whole life policy that takes care of a person’s final expense. Primarily used to pay actual funeral costs vs paying off existing debts.

Most carriers offer final expense insurance to those that are 50+ in age. Most carriers will offer up to the age of 85.

Face amounts available are generally up to $50,000.

Key carriers are: AARP Funeral Insurance  Assurity Life , American Memorial , Foresters Life ,  Monumental Life, Royal Neighbors of America, Vantis Life … just to name a few!

How do I speak to my parents about Burial Insurance

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1. Sooner than later. When planning for the future there is no better time than now. If your parents are at a younger age polices will be less expensive.

2. Possible Burden of funeral costs. Explain that  if  there is no burial insurance policy is in place, then the final wishes costs have to paid by you and/or your siblings. If this is going to be a financial burden you need to make sure they understand your situation.

3. Advanced planning will help secure their final wishes. Your parents may have a certain type of ceremony in mind. Perhaps , because of beliefs or traditions they may want to insure that a particular type of service is performed. Knowing this will help in determining how much coverage they really need and is a great starting point for the discussion.

4. Avoid legal disputes. If there are other relatives involved and there is no policy or will in place, an early discussion about their final wishes would go a long way in avoiding costly legal problems.

5. Peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Once completed,  there are no more uncomfortable discussions about their final wishes or discussion about financing their final wishes.


Having an open and frank discussion about burial insurance and death is very uncomfortable , but it must be addressed to avoid future problems. I can tell you from personal experience, that not having a burial insurance plan in place, does cause a burden on the remaining family members. Everyone seems to want a great funeral ceramony,  but are they willing to pay the cost to insure that it will happen?

Contact me today for a free no hassle quote. My number is 512-963-5000. You can also use my quote module, below. Please be aware that if your parents have any major health impairment it will absolutely effect the premium and coverage amount.