Life Insurance for Motorcylce Racers

Life Insurance for Motorcycle Racers can be obtained. I have several carriers that will offer coverage.

Carriers, that provide Life Insurance for Motorcycle Racers will ask several questions and you’ll want to be able to provide answers.

General Questions:

Is the Race Track : Permanent / Temporary paved course. Is the course Oval? Hill Climbing , Drag Strip or Off Road?

They will also want to know if the event is sanctioned or any regulatory body. If it’s sanctioned they will want to know what mandatory equipment is required so as to participate in the race.

Another question would be if you have had formal training.

They will also want to know if this is your Occupation or Hobby.

We also need to document all accidents, if any,  that have required you to be hospitalized.

Lastly carriers  will want to know about your race vehicle: Make, Model, Engine Displacement, Horsepower, Average Speed, Maximum Speed etc.

Once we review the above questions and gather a overall health review,  I will  take this information to my in house underwriter. We will review the information and choose some of our recommended carriers. I will then contact each carrier and review their underwriting guidelines and find the best possible fit.

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