Life Insurance and Breast Cancer

Life Insurance and Breast Cancer

Life Insurance and Breast Cancer

Can you get a Life Insurance Policy if you are a Breast Cancer survivor?

Life Insurance and Breast Cancer. If you are a survivor of Breast Cancer there is a  good possibility that we can get you a Life Insurance Policy. It will depend on your current status as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

These type of polices are generally classified as High Risk policies. A carrier will carefully review the application before making any final decisions. The process will take time but I believe it will be well worth the process.

In order for me to put together a proposal I will have to gather some  general information. This is information is held in strict confidence and will only be shared with my in-house underwriter.

Here are the basic questions that we must cover:

Date of diagnosis:
Date of last treatment:
Exact name of the type of Breast Cancer that has been diagnosed:
What was the Stage of the Cancer?
Was the cancer Graded? If so, what Grade was assigned?
How has the cancer been treated ?  
             Excisional biopsy (limited excision)       Lumpectomy (wide excision)
             Partial Mastectomy                 Modified Radical Mastectomy        Radical Mastectomy  
             Radiation Therapy       Chemotherapy  Hormone Therapy    Bone Marrow Transplant
Taking any medications at this time?  
Name of Medication (Prescription or Otherwise) Dates used Quantity Taken and Frequency
Has there been any evidence of recurrence?  
Has there ever been any kind of other cancer diagnosed for the proposed insured?
Does the proposed insured have any other medical conditions?

We will go over the above questions along with the routine questions that are asked on a Life Insurance Application.

Once this information is gathered I will work with my in-house underwriter , review the information and present you with available options. With me there is never any “Hard Sell” or “High Pressure”. I simply present the information and if it makes sense to you and works within your budget you tell me when and if you would like to apply. Always remember, there is never any cost to you to submit the application or any cost to go through any of the medical exam process.

I do have several carriers that can offer Life Insurance for  Breast Cancer survivors. Contact me today by filling out the request form or give me a call. My Number is 512-963-5000.