Cheap No Exam Life Insurance

Cheap No Exam Life Insurance

                        How to find the best No Medical Exam Life Insurance deal

Cheap No Exam Life Insurance is available.   I have put together a summary  for those that are looking for Term Life Insurance with no exam or Whole life insurance with no exam. Take 5 minutes to read my informative article then give me a call.

If you are interested in a Term Life Insurance only policy ( Up to $350K),  you can get a quote and apply online with no agent interaction. Of course I am here to assist you with any questions.Click the image below to start your No Medical Exam life Insurance plan. You will get  a decision in about 10 minutes!

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Plan Overview ( National Life Group Insurance)

  • Available for ages 18 through 60
  • Term lengths: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Coverage Amounts: $25,000 up to $350,000
  • Tobacco users can qualify
  • Available in all states except New York – If you are in NY contact me. I have a carrier that offers No Medical Exam Life Insurance Plans. 1-800-530-9134.
  • Completely online application process
  • Average approval times of 3 minutes
  • Policy delivered electronically via email (all States except CA)
  • The product is renewable at the end of the term period
  • Make sure to have your credit / debit card or EFT information. These will be necessary to complete the application process.

Automatic Declines –  If you’re receiving Social Security Disability (VA disability is ok), or if you  have any moderate-major health issues or if you have /had any legal trouble.   If you’re not sure, call us at 512-963-5000 and we’ll let you know. I specialize in High Risk Life Insurance plans.

About my carrier:

National Life Group, a Fortune 1000 company, serves 840,000 customers. With 2011 revenue of $1.5 billion and net income of $124 million, members of National Life Group employ roughly 900 employees, with most located at its home office in Montpelier, Vermont. Group companies also maintain offices in Addison, New York, and San Francisco. . Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW) is a member of the National Life Group. Life of the Southwest has an AM Best rating of A, which means Excellent.


Where do I start if I want to compare other Term and Whole Life Insurance quotes?

The first place you need to start is to work with an independent broker, like myself, who offers several different carriers that offer No exam life insurance. I work with 6 of the Top A rated carriers that offer No Exam Life Insurance plans.

Next you need to make an honest assessment in regards to your health:

What Medications are you taking?
Current Height and Weight
Any and All medical conditions – As a note, I have  No Medical Exam carriers that will take those with pre existing conditions, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol etc.
Age- Remember, the younger you are the less expensive the premium.

What type of No Medical Exam Plans are available?

Term Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
No Exam Life insurance for Seniors ( If you are getting quotes from AARP, Colonial Penn or Mutual of Omaha , call me to compare rates)
High Risk Life Insurance – Can be Medical or High Risk Activites

How much can I apply for?

Most carriers offer up to  $250K, in Face value coverage for a Term Life Insurance plans. I have one carrier that will go up to $350K for Term Life Insurance.

Make sure you have a reviewed your needs for life insurance and make sure you know how much you may need. I can certainly assist you with this process. It is not complicated but you need to make sure to add in all potential cash needs should you pass away unexpectedly.

Ok, but how do I know I am getting the best deal?

As mentioned before I work with 6 of the top A rated No Medical Exam carriers. When I run a quote ,all carriers, that offer coverage for your request, will be shown. This way you can compare rates on your own.


Consumer Alert regarding Globe Life Insurance – If you are even thinking about going with them please read my article or call me. These are very poor plans and you need to be informed before you consider using Globe Life Insurance.


What is the application process?

All of my carriers offer over the phone applications with e-signatures. Give me a call and we can review your needs and apply. The entire process takes about 20 minutes.

I have two carriers ( Feb / March 2013) that will soon be offering online Instant No Exam Life Insurance policies with almost no agent interaction.  You can apply online, and within a few minutes you can have your policy in place!

How do I get started?

Best way is to call me at 512-963-5000.  I NEVER hard sell or pressure anyone. I am here to help and if the quotes works for you , great, if not , it is no problem.

Fill out my Contact Request form on the left side of the page and I will give you a call.

About M2 Insurance
About M2 Insurance

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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